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Ad Council Partner Conference – Social Media

Today I got the opportunity to go to the Ad Council Partner Conference at the National Association of Broadcasters. The presenters in order of appearance were Ian Schafer (Deep Focus), Michael Becker (iLoop Mobile), John Roland & Tim Conley (Extreme Reach), and Maurice Boissiere (Clear Spring).

Overall the presenters did a very good job. Mr. Schafer said he’d post his slides on his website later today.

It was also pretty cool that one of our PSAs was used by John Roland as an example of a viral video calling attention to a worthwhile cause.

One neat thing that Michael Becker brought up was the ability of 501(c)3 organizations to accept donations via the next generation of sms text messages, though I wish it had been part of his main presentation (which was still the most intriguing in my view).

There were a lot of mentions of Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube though I would’ve liked to see a few more examples of what organizations can do with their own web properties in terms of creating a unified user experience that ties into social media. There were some good examples, especially in relation to mobile devices but there were also a lot of generalities.